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What does MFL look like at St John's Primary School?

Modern Foreign Languages Overview for St John's


Click below to see how we ensure the MFL objectives are taught throughout the year.

When they enter Key Stage 2, pupils at St John’s begin learning Spanish.


Children are taught Spanish once per week for 30 minutes and follow the ‘Light bulb Languages’ scheme. Initially, learning focuses mainly on speaking and listening and lessons are taught through rhymes, songs and games. As children’s knowledge is built up, there becomes more of an emphasis on recording written work informally in books. These are passed through the years and become a portfolio of their learning.


Learning a foreign language provides an opening to other cultures and enables children to play a fuller part as global citizens. Our key aims for MFL teaching are:


  • To introduce our children to other customs and cultures
  • To foster an interest in learning other languages
  • To make children aware that languages are structured differently
  • To develop their speaking and listening skills
  • To lay the foundations for future study
Useful Websites to help learn another language are:

Useful Apps:

  • Stories by Gus On The Go
  • Duolingo
  • Little Pim
  • Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds
  • Learning by Mindsnacks
  • Endless Spanish App