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Mrs Hatton – Early Years’ Leader

Miss Cieslar – Class Teacher

Mrs Peet – Teaching Assistant

Miss Waine - Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hughes – Pastoral Manager


Aims of Reception

During the reception year, the learning journey pupils take lay the foundations for a bright future. It is a time where children can embrace their creativity, whilst exploring the world around them. The reception timetable offers children the opportunities to play and explore, think critically and be active learners. Children are empowered to take ownership over their learning. Through our nurturing ethos, we support children in the development of confidence, personal and social skills, as well as their communication skills, within their new school setting. Our environment promotes independence, where children develop their love of learning. We cater for the various learning styles of all children, within the various learning experiences we offer within our indoor and outdoor classroom.

Last Summer - Big School Time!

Wow! All of the boys and girls did exceptionally well during their ‘Big School Time’ sessions throughout June and July. They gave us a real insight into their personalities and we sneakily listened to all of their interests and hobbies from home, and plan to use all of these to hook and spark their imagination, as we begin our learning.


Look at the fun we had during Big School Time!

A New Start
Now that the children have begun their journey in Reception, they will be settling into life at St John’s. We are excited for all of the things that this term has to offer us.

We will begin our initial weeks in Reception, by finding our what your children know, and will be building our learning experiences to continue their development towards the Early learning Goals



Typical Timetable


Each day, we carry out follow-through mornings of Mathematics or Literacy. This consists of 2 mornings of Mathematics, 2 mornings of Literacy and 1 morning of Guided Reading. This enables time for every child to access a 20 minute, small group adult-led learning experience, as well as targeted adult interactions and playful learning experiences within the indoor and outdoor continuous provision.


During our afternoon sessions, children are immersed into their topical learning, where they embrace their skills in ‘Understanding of the World’ and ‘Creative Development’


What can parents do to help?


During our Reception year, we value your involvement in your child’s learning journals.  We send regular Tapestry observations and assessments, offering you a window into your child’s day, and achievements. We encourage you to make comments and ‘like’ our observations to further support the judgements that we make in your child’s progress throughout the year. In addition to this, we love to have an insight into your child’s at-home learning experiences too. We encourage you to post your child’s at-home achievements and experiences on Tapestry, with a photograph and small comment to enable us to share and celebrate all of your child’s successes.


Throughout the year, we invite you to experience some of your child’s school life, in some of our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions. In these sessions, we welcome you to share and observe some of your child’s most valuable learning experiences. It is also an opportunity for your child to proudly demonstrate their achievements and abilities in school.


Home Learning


Every week, your child will take home 2 reading books, and a selection of high frequency words and learnt sounds from their phonics lessons. We try to encourage that your child practises these for 10minutes, approximately 5 times per week. We understand that your child may have hobbies and interests outside of school which may sometimes interfere with this time, however this is a guide that we feel best supports children’s development in reading.


Things to remember


We kindly ask that your child has their PE kit in school, every day, hung on their peg. PE lessons are usually delivered on Wednesday by a Premier Sports Coach.


In addition to this, we ask that all that clothing and footwear items have their name labels inside as we promote children’s independence in dressing and undressing during their sports sessions.



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