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10.10.17 Worship

Father Kevin joined us for our whole school worship today focusing on the choices that we make. 


Father Kevin gave us some exciting news that Saturday 16th December will be the Church 'Frozen' sing-a-long and all of the boys and girls are invited to attend, have some fun and sing-a-long too!


Today, Father Kevin talked to us all about celebrations. We discussed what we enjoyed the most about celebrations: party food, dancing, spending time with friends and having a good time.


Father Kevin told us a story about a man who loved to have a party. He organised the invitations, party food, guest list, lighting and music. He was very excited, but unfortunately he received some sad news. Quite a few of his guests were not able to attend which meant that all of the planning was going to go to waste. He asked his friend to go out into the town and find people who would like to attend. He went up to ordinary people, people who he hadn't met before and passers by. He invited them all to attend and they were so thrilled that they couldn't wait! 


Father Kevin reminded us that we are all invited to the party hosted by Jesus. It doesn't matter how much money you have, what clothes you wear or which town you are from. We are invited because we are part of Jesus' family. To accept his invitation, Jesus teaches us to make the right choice. We make the right choice by being thoughtful, kind, loving, forgiving and helpful. By following Jesus' message and living our lives the way he would want us to, we are showing God how grateful we are for his guidance. 


Jesus has called us to be his friends and has called us to his party, following the life that he has provided for us. By following our St John's values, we are demonstrating our understanding of Christian Values as well as showing that we are accepting his invite into the family of God.

Her Majesty The Queen 1926 - 2022. We pay tribute to our late Queen; her passing is a great loss to the British people. She devoted her life to her country and to the service of others. Thank you our kind-hearted Queen!