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13.2.18 Worship

Today Father Kevin joined us for our Tuesday morning Worship. The children were extremely excited by the idea of having pancakes today! They were eager to tell Father Kevin what they would be having on their pancakes - sugar, lemon juice, Nutella, jam and many more! 


Father Kevin explained that traditionally people used up all of the ingredients to make pancakes, clearing their cupboards of all the left over food. This was a way of preparing for Lent. Father Kevin explained that we sometimes think that Lent is a time to give up things that we enjoy, but it is actually a time for thinking. 


Lent is a time to think about who we are. Father Kevin asked for a special helper today, Michael! Father Kevin discussed what made Michael special including everything that makes us human (ears, eyes, strong arms and legs etc). 


During Lent, we need to think about our responsibilities and values as Christians - about what we believe, who we trust and about who we forgive. Father Kevin explained that during Ash Wednesday, Christians walk around church with a cross on their foreheads made of ash. This helps Christians remember and think about who we are as the most amazing human beings, as children of the Heavenly Father and brothers and sisters of Jesus.


The children were given a special message today to remember each year. Although Lent can seem like a time where we give up things, it's actually about thinking about who we are before God and knowing how much we are loved.


Father Kevin reminded us that we are loved deeply, and this can be symbolised by us say 'I love you this much' spreading our arms out as wide as we can, as by doing this we create the symbol of the cross and remember that God loves us so much that he let his Son died for us.


Father Kevin finished his teaching with a prayer.


Father God, 

You made us and you love us and we thank you for that. We ask that you will help us during the time of Lent, to not only make choices to help others, but to realise how special we are.


Our God is a great big God!

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The children finished our worship by thinking about how special God is, singing 'Our God is a great big God!'
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