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22.1.19 Worship


This morning the children were eager to find out why our focal point had changed from our usually purple decor to a white display. Father Kevin explained that the white focal point matched the colours used to decorate church. White is used for the season of epiphany where Jesus spoke about his promises. 


Mrs Lightfoot spoke about the importance of us being open to Jesus' messages and the children began our assembly by singing 'I the Lord of Sea and Sky'.

Mrs Lightfoot lit the candle and Alice welcomed everyone to worship by saying 'The Lord is Here!'.

Father Kevin spoke to the children about the focal point and the colour white. He told the children that it reminded him of weddings. He also reminded the children that weddings are not all about getting dressed up - they are about making promises to each other. The bride and groom give each other a gift (a ring) to symbolise eternal love that is to come as a ring doesn't have a beginning or an end.


Promises are very important and they help us to trust each other. Father Kevin showed the children his bank card. He told the children that paying with a card is a way of making promises to people in the shops that we are going to pay for our purchases. We make promises every day! Freya very kindly shared her promise which she has made a cub scout. 


Father Kevin continued to remind the children that God also made promises. These are documented throughout the Bible. he told the children the story of Jesus visiting the synagogue. He went into the synagogue and was invited to read from the Bible. He was happy to do so, but instead of being given a book to read from, he was given a large scroll of parchment. He started to read about the promises that God had made.


After reading, everyone looks intently at him. He told the people that the promises that were made such a long, long time ago were being fulfilled. He wanted everyone to be set free so they could love each other better. 


Amber very kindly acted out a scene where she pretended that she had fallen out with Father Kevin. She was reminded that God wants us to be kind to one another and to forgive. Amber then took the role of the person who had made a good choice and to make friends again. God reminds us that we must overcome the bad feelings which we may feel and to focus on the positives. We must look for opportunities to be kind to one another, to make friends after a fall out.


Father Kevin closed our worship with a prayer.


Dear Father God,


We thank you Father god for a new day, new beginning and new opportunities. We ask that you help us to make promises in our hearts to love and care for each other as well as showing love to all that we meet.



Mrs Lightfoot told the children that we must learn to disagree well. We do not always agree with everything that other say or do, but we must learn to disagree well. We do not need to fall out with everyone or have an argument. We need to learn to understand why other people may think other things to what we might believe. We need to remember that to have alternative views is ok. We can disagree, but we must disagree well.


The children were reminded of their discussion on Friday about Brexit and to remember that even though people have alternative views, we must remember that everyone has the right to an opinion. We must remember to move on, repair and our last choice must be to be kind.

Her Majesty The Queen 1926 - 2022. We pay tribute to our late Queen; her passing is a great loss to the British people. She devoted her life to her country and to the service of others. Thank you our kind-hearted Queen!