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27.11.18 Worship

Introducing Advent!

This morning, the children came into assembly to watch a wonderful video created by Abou, Nadine and Libby (three of our JAM club members!). The key messages were to have love, show kindness and think about others.


Take a look below at a snippet of their beautiful creation! Thank you Abou, Libby and Nadine!

Worship opener snippet.mp4

Still image for this video

Mrs Lightfoot welcomed everyone to worship along with Father Kevin. To mark the special time of togetherness, Miss Evans asked Evie to come up and help to light the candle to represent Jesus as our light of the world.


Evie said, 'The Lord is here!' and the children replied, 'His Spirit is with us!'



The children wowed us with their singing of, 'As for me and my house'. This is a song that we haven't sung in quite some time. The children definitely have amazing memories and were able to sing along!

'As for me and my house'

Still image for this video

Father Kevin then introduced the important time in the Christian Calendar - Advent.


During this time, lots of people will have an advent calendar which they will open during every day in December. Father Kevin explained that from this time, we have four Sunday's left until Christmas.


He then showed the children the Church's Advent Calendar - a set of candles. There were 3 purple candles and 1 pink candle. Every Sunday in December, we light a candle. Each week another one will lit until Christmas day when another special candle, a white one, will also be lit.


Father Kevin then asked the children why the candles would all be different sizes? The children had fantastic ideas including the sizes increasing the closer to Christmas as Christmas is such a special time of year. But in fact, it was because the first one is lit for 4 weeks, whereas the white candle is only lit on  Christmas Day.

Father Kevin then told the children a story of Abraham. A special prophet from the Old Testament. The children were able to recognise Abraham in God's Big Plan as a 'person of God.'  God guided him to a place where he could live: not only him, but his family, friends and sheep too! Abraham didn't always get things right and he didn't always show his St John's Values (especially kindness or honesty). He would often tell little lies to protect himself. He was human after all - we all make the wrong choices sometimes. 

Father Kevin reminded us that although the people in the Bible sound very famous and special, they were in fact just like me and you!


Dear Father God,


We thank you for making us and guiding us to serve you, love you and to be kind. We ask you to help us find our way when we make the wrong choices, to help us turn things around and to be guided towards your Kingdom.



Special Notice: On Sunday it is the Toy service in Church. 


With our special St John's Christian eyes, we will be thinking about others and could show our generosity by attending church and making small donations, or helping others.


Our final thought - with our Christian eyes, how can we make a difference?

Her Majesty The Queen 1926 - 2022. We pay tribute to our late Queen; her passing is a great loss to the British people. She devoted her life to her country and to the service of others. Thank you our kind-hearted Queen!