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27.2.18 Worship

Whole School Worship with Father Kevin


Today, Father Kevin joined us for our first Tuesday Worship of the Spring Half Term. Mrs Bailey welcomed the boys and girls into assembly and discussed the morning events! Outside, the sky was white and fluffy snowflakes were floating down from the sky. The children were so excited and told the grown ups about them making snow angels and having a snowball fight with their family!


The children wowed Father Kevin with their singing of 'Our God is so Great!'. 


Father Kevin told us about his morning with Brian the dog! Brian does not like the snow very much, unlike Miss Cunniffe's dog, Alfie, who was running around this morning trying to eat the snowflakes as they fell to the ground.


Father Kevin explained that sometimes, we don't feel very happy or excited, and we can sometimes feel a little bit cross. Father Kevin asked what made us sometimes feel cross. Some of the answers were people interrupting others and not listening to what others have to say, being stuck in traffic, having lots of work to do instead of playing out with friends, making meals for family members, but them not being willing to try them, people being unkind or not helping to tidy up. 


Father Kevin explained that everyone gets cross. Even Jesus was cross. Frequently, Jesus was cross with his friends because they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing. Jesus and his friends went up to Jerusalem. In the middle of the city was a temple. Lots of people gathered around the place of worship. Back when Jesus was alive, people used to charge money for people to enter and they were making people spend more money than they needed to. Jesus knew that what the people were doing, was wrong.


Jesus watched as people were cheating others. As he wandered around the market, he become more and more frustrated. Eventually, he lots this temper and he started to flip over tables, causing all of the piles of money to be scattered over the floor. He opened up all of the pens where the animals were being kept and he set them all free. People were frantic! They ran around, scavenging for money, collecting the coins that had been scattered all over the floor. Jesus knew that they were making the wrong choice, and even after explain that to them, they did not listen. 


Father Kevin explained that sometimes we get cross and frustrated with others, but it is important to think about how we handle a situation. He explained that violence and outbursts of anger are not the right way to react. It is so important to discuss our emotions and to explain how we are feeling because of the way others are acting. 


Father Kevin reminded us that we will all get frustrated at some point in our life, but it is so important to think about our St John's Values and what makes us St John's boys and girls. We need to think about our value of Kindness thinking about how we can behave towards others to solve a situation. Even though we may be feeling frustrated towards someone, or because of someones actions, we must remember to always be kind, to not retaliate and to think positively about our feelings. If you focus on the negative things that happen, negative emotions will fill us up. Whereas, if we focus on the positives, we will all be happy together. We must also remember our value of forgiveness. Even though others may make us feel sad inside, we must remember that everyone makes mistakes, but by forgiving them we can help to make everyone happier and share God's love that lives inside us all.


Father God,


Sometimes we don't get on very well, sometimes we annoy one another, hurt one another by the things that we do and say. We ask that you will help us to show kindness, forgiveness and love towards one another. 







Her Majesty The Queen 1926 - 2022. We pay tribute to our late Queen; her passing is a great loss to the British people. She devoted her life to her country and to the service of others. Thank you our kind-hearted Queen!