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30.1.18 Worship

This morning, Father Kevin joined us for our morning worship. We started our assembly singing one more step along the world I go. 


The boys and girls asked if they could sing Lord I lift your Name on high! We have been using our Sing-A-Long assemblies to learn new songs and this is their favourite at the moment!


Click below to see a short clip of our beautiful singing!


'Lord I Lift Your Name On High'

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And some more...

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and some more! What lovely and enthusiastic singers we have!

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Father Kevin started our assembly talking about how times have changed. We talked about how we now have mobile phones, but in the past we used to need to walk to the phone box if we needed to make a call, or we would write a letter and wait for a response. 


We discussed the importance of being aware and knowing what is happening all around us. Father Kevin discussed how we are all really eager to contact others and cannot wait. He reminded us of another value that we need to remember. Although this it is not our school value, patience is very important. We need to remember that although we may want something, we cannot instantly have everything. 


Father Kevin told the children about his past experiences when growing up. When Father Kevin wanted to watch the television, he had to be patient and wait for it to warm up and switch on. Miss Simpson and Miss Cunniffe discussed their experience of using the Internet and waiting for the connection to be made on their phone line.


Father Kevin reminded the children that it is now 40 days since Christmas. Today we are remembering something that happened to Jesus when he was just over a month old. His mum and dad took baby Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to say thank you to Father God for blessing them with such a beautiful baby boy. 


When they arrived, something really special happened. There were two older people there - Simeon and Anna. They had been told by God, that if they waited and were patient, they would see God's son. They waited for years and then in came Mary and Joseph holding baby Jesus. They were so happy and over joyed! They knew in their hearts who Jesus was, even though others didn't. 


Father Kevin reminded us that we cannot always have something straight away, but it is actually worth having patience. Some things are worth waiting for. We cannot press a button and expect something to happen straight away - a party, a special friend, a treat or a special moment. 


He then finished our assembly with some special words:


Dear Father God,


Thank you for the gifts of life, love and friendship. We ask you to give us another special gift of patience, where we can look forward to things and be grateful for those things that happen. 




We finished our assembly by reminding the children that even God needed to have patience. God could not make the world in one day. He needed to have patience, watching the animals and plants grow. The children finished our assembly by singing All Things Bright and Beautiful to remember how God's patience enabled us to have such a lovely world to live in.

Her Majesty The Queen 1926 - 2022. We pay tribute to our late Queen; her passing is a great loss to the British people. She devoted her life to her country and to the service of others. Thank you our kind-hearted Queen!