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3.10.17 Worship

Father Kevin's joined us for our whole school worship this morning. We started our assembly singing, 'I the Lord of Sea and Sky'. The children really impressed Father Kevin with their beautiful singing and actions.


Father Kevin told us the story of Jeremiah and Isaiah. He discussed how God appeared in a vision and told Isaiah how important it was to follow the 10 commandments. He explained that by following the 10 commandments, we can make the world a better place. Isaiah told God enthusiastically, 'here I am Lord and I will go where you lead me'. 


However, Jeremiah was not a follower of a God. He wanted to make his own choices and do what he wanted, rather than follow the message from God. He was very reluctant, but after seeing how our world was changing by the people who made the good choices, he began to change his opinion. He too, even though he was slightly reluctant to do so, began to follow God's path .


He reminded us to listen to Gods message and to think about why God teaches us to do so. He reminded us to be grateful for the things that we have and the lovely life that we live. We need to remember to stay on the path that God wants us to take and to follow the rules that he has put in place. 


We finished our assembly saying thank you to God for everything he has given us, singing 'If I were a butterfly'.

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