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9.10.18 Worship

Today Father Kevin joined us for worship time. He explained that today we were going to focus on one of our St John's Values - Friendship.


We discussed how Jesus selected certain people to be his friends and to help spread the message of God. He discussed how Jesus selected a range of people from different experiences and backgrounds to help everyone learn about God's message. Father Kevin emphasised that although certain people were chosen to help spread the message, Jesus was a friend to all.


In school, we have started to learn about God's message in the form of 'The Big Picture'. The children are being encourages to learn about how the different teachings can be placed at certain points within God's plan. 


We then made links to our friendship groups in school. We discussed how we have our close friends and best friends, but this does not mean that other people cannot play with us. The children were given the challenge of thinking of someone, in school, which they would not normally choose to play with. They were asked to go over to that person and invite them to join their group today at break time - sharing the happiness and demonstrating our value of friendship.


The children finished the assembly, singing our Harvest songs in preparation for next week's Harvest Service in Church.

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