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Home from Home Breakfast and After School Club arrangements from September 09.07.20


Dear Parents & Carers,


Following on from our previous message earlier today regarding our school's full opening from September, I must inform those parents/carers that our Home from Home breakfast and after school club will not reopen straight away.


After reading the government's guidance and safety control measures, we have carefully considered how we can make this provision work alongside our wider protective measures for managing the ongoing pandemic; sadly we do not feel that we can fully reopen this facility immediately until we have been able to carry out additional planning.  The government want children to remain in their class bubbles with no mixing; however, this is logistically challenging because 'Home from Home' offers provision across all classes. We are therefore planning to reopen our breakfast and after school care week commencing Monday 28th September 2020.  This will provide us with some much needed time to organise staffing & resources, put in place the additional cleaning measures required by the government and analyse our bookings to establish small, consistent bubble groupings to avoid mixing.


We fully appreciate the knock on effect in terms of logistical challenges that this delayed opening will place on families and this is not a decision that we have taken lightly.  Rest assured that we too want this facility up and running as soon as it is safe to operate.  We hope that this advanced notice will enable you to make some temporary alternative arrangements until our club is back up and running.


Kindest regards,


Mrs Lightfoot and The LSJP Team

Returning to school in September update 09.07.20

Dear Parents & Carers,


We would just like to provide a brief update regarding our full opening plans for September.  We have received some enquiries in recent days with regards the class organisation arrangements for next year and of course this will be a burning question for every one of you.  Rest assured you will receive all the necessary details about class organisation and our plans to ensure a smooth transition, alongside your child's end of year report next week.


Schools only received the government’s guidance for full opening last Thursday and since then have been working around the clock to create re-opening plans which take account of the stringent safety measures stipulated in the guidance.  We can assure you though that all existing children (excluding new reception intake) will start back at school on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 with staggered drop off and collection times in place to avoid any mixing between class bubbles.


Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.


Best wishes,


Mrs Lightfoot and The LSJP Team

Wider School Opening Update 10.06.20


Dear Parents/Carers,


We do hope that you are all well.  We wish to make you aware of further announcements made yesterday from the government regarding their ambition for all primary school children to return before the summer; this decision has now been reversed and the government now acknowledges that it WILL NOT be feasible for children in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 to return before September at the earliest.  Whilst this may be disappointing, rest assured that we will still be delivering our virtual LSJP learning schedules up to Friday 17th July when we finish for the summer.


With regards our wider opening to eligible Reception, Y1 and Y6 children, we will be sending out a letter which explains our revised plans to only those parents who have consented to sending their child back to school.  This letter will arrive with those parents shortly.

Should any of the Reception, Y1 and Y6 parents/carers that have chosen to keep their children at home change their mind at any point, then they should be advised that the allocation of bubble groups and subsequent school organisation ie. staffing and classroom set up are now complete therefore making it highly unlikely that we would be able to accommodate any new requests.  Parents are welcome to discuss this with either Mrs Lightfoot or Mrs Hatton.


May we once again thank you for all your ongoing support.


Best wishes,


Mrs Lightfoot and The LSJP Team



Important information regarding the wider opening of school to some year groups. 01.06.20


Dear Parents/Carers,


I do hope that you have all been enjoying some family time together in this beautiful weather.  As you are aware, our cautious and phased wider opening of school was scheduled to begin next week (commencing Monday 8th June) for just the Reception pupils whose parents had consented for them to return.  As you know, we did express to you that timescales were not set in stone and were subject to change in line with further guidance / new information received.  I am attaching a letter just received from Wigan Council which strongly advises all schools not to begin any wider opening to any specified year groups before June 15th at the earliest.  Outlined in this letter are the reasons for this; clearly this has not been a decision that the council have taken lightly and given the severity of the concerns raised at a regional level regarding the further transmission of COVID-19, it would be reckless to ignore this advice.  


We will continue to be supported by Wigan Council and will be in touch again soon to provide you with details of our revised plans.  We do apologise for the inconvenience; however, I am sure you will understand that safety has to remain our first priority.


Best wishes,


Mrs E Lightfoot and The LSJP Team

Phased Re-opening of Schools - information about the Prime Minister's latest announcement 11.05.20


Dear Parents & Carers,


Like us, we are sure that after the Prime Minister's announcements last night regarding the proposed phased re-opening of schools, you will have many questions.  We have lots of questions that need clarification too.


At the moment, for us in school, there is no change to the current arrangements / guidance; we are continuing to provide childcare for those parents whose work is critical to the government's COVID-19 response.  The government's message still remains that it is safer to stay at home.


As of now we have not received any information to support us with this new plan - to begin a phased re-opening up of school for some year groups.  We expect to see this information from the Department of Education arrive very soon, hopefully with some clarification. 


We will need:


* clear guidance which explains how safe social distancing can be carried out within school in a way that does not compromise the safety of our children, teachers and families


* clear guidance on how we can safely and cautiously phase back groups of children and the stages that this will be carried out in.

Please be assured that there is no way we will reopen until we are one hundred percent prepared.


As always, we will keep you informed of any changes, but for now, please try not to worry.  Our plan for now is to continue to provide learning schedules for home, have contact with the children through our live zoom lessons & virtual platforms and to continue to support each other through these very difficult and uncertain times.


Kindest regards,


The LSJP Team

Important reminder: safety measures for zoom lessons 23.04.20


Dear Parents/carers,


Firstly we wish to thank you for your feedback regarding our daily zoom lessons, which has been overwhelmingly positive.  Our teachers are working extremely hard to continue to explicitly teach and guide your children's learning & understanding of key skills/facts.

As it seems likely that we will be continuing with our new 'virtual schooling' for at least the next few weeks, we would like to politely remind parents/carers about the need for appropriate and safe 'zoom' use.

These are the steps that school staff have in place to safeguard your children whilst participating in zoom lessons:


* Teachers have the highest level of privacy settings available applied to their zoom accounts


* We do not record any of our zoom lessons and the teacher (as host) resumes full control of the lesson, including sharing their screen


* Children cannot enter a zoom lesson without being accepted in by the teacher


* The teacher has control to 'mute' all the children without them being able to unmute themselves


* The teacher can remotely remove a child/pupil from a live lesson if there is inappropriate behaviour


* Only the teacher can share their screen


* All lessons have encrypted invites, unique meeting IDs as well as secure passwords


* No file sharing is permitted


* All children are 'muted' on entry into the zoom lesson with only the mic enabled for the teacher and teaching assistant (as from next week) until the lesson has been introduced, then the children will have their mic enabled too.


This is what we also request of children, parents/carers during live zoom lessons to ensure its safety for all:


* Children should be suitably dressed at all times and be in ear-shot of a parent/carer


* Children should ideally be situated in an area of the house where they can concentrate with little distraction


* Parents/carers should be mindful that 'background noise' including their own conversations, is picked up on the child's mic for everyone to clearly hear - foul language is strictly forbidden and will result in your child being removed from the live lesson, causing upset to all.


* Children should follow the same behaviour expectations as are in place in school lessons.


We also acknowledge that from time to time, due to internet peaks and interferences that some connections may be patchy; please try not to let you or your child become unduly stressed by this if it happens.  In this eventuality you may feel it best for your child to temporarily exit the zoom lesson and to try again the next day.


Please understand that none of our virtual learning strategies, including our daily home schedules, zoom lessons etc. are compulsory.  They are simply there to support you and your child during this difficult period.  This is a very new challenge for us all and one in which we have had to adapt to quickly.  Attached again is our parent virtual school guide sent a number of weeks ago.


We are listening to your feedback and constantly tweaking our strategies; if there is any further support you or your child needs, please get in touch through Tapestry in the first instance or by telephoning school where you can leave a voicemail for someone to get back to you.


In the meantime, please stay home and stay safe.


The very best of wishes,


The LSJP Team

Virtual LSJP Guide for Parents 25.3.20


Dear Parents/Carers,


Firstly, can we say how very lucky and thankful we feel to have families which, whilst juggling many worries and their normal jobs, have taken on the daunting task of becoming home educators too! We are amazed with the fabulous attitudes to learning you continue to develop in your children in these times of severe austerity. Also, thank you for your lovely comments of support we have received through Tapestry, these have certainly cheered the team up.


We have developed this guidance to help us all learn and understand our new ways of living and learning. Please bare with us whilst we adjust our routines and find our rhythm. We welcome feedback on how you feel our communication, learning challenges and interactions can support your children and you better? We are rapidly learning how to develop a virtual school, one which helps children have a routine Monday-Friday and helps them aspire to be the best they can be each day. We can assure you that the entire team at LSJP have been working tirelessly to ensure your children are still at the forefront of our priorities whilst managing our own worries and caring for families.


This is a brand new way of working and like you, we are trying to learn as quickly as possible. We will continue to tweak our systems as time goes by and from listening and responding to your feedback.


Safeguarding and Attendance

Whilst the school building is closed to most children, we must still ensure the daily safety and well-being of all of our children. We are taking daily registers to ensure we have frequent contact with all children.


We are currently classing daily contact as:

• An upload to Tapestry or Seesaw


• A ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ on Tapestry


• Attendance on a virtual lesson on Zoom

In the event we haven’t had contact from you or your child:


1. At the end of day 2, we will send you a ‘Check-in’ post on Tapestry. Please reply to this post so that we know your child is well.

2. If we don’t hear back from the ‘Check-in’ post we will make contact day 3 via a telephone call home.


Please make us aware if you have any well-being or safeguarding concerns


The Daily Home Learning Schedule We are sending home daily ‘Home Learning Schedules’


These are designed to help you and more importantly help your child’s continued progress during this extended school closure.


• It is PARENT CHOICE whether you wish to follow these learning schedules. You may wish to do all tasks, none or only 1 task each day.

• Please don’t worry or feel guilty if you are unable to follow the schedules due to your work commitments; we would recommend that your child keeps up daily reading and IXL Maths.


Our aim is that we will send 4 of these home learning schedules per week; however, Friday will be slightly different. It will be ‘Funday Friday’ and children will receive a video message/online video chat from their Teacher/TA with a little challenge.


Monday to Thursday

• You will receive a daily schedule each day around 4pm. This will be sent via ParentMail for the following day’s learning challenges.

• Children in Y2 and above, we recommend sending the schedule on to your child’s device via message, email or screenshot as a photo. The aim is to develop children’s independence, leading to them eventually taking ownership of their daily schedule.

• The aim of these is to provide children with a stable learning routine with appropriate tasks. We fully empathise with you and know you are not trained teachers and therefore the schedules will be written to enable you to ‘explain the task and set the children off’.

• Please remember a teacher does not sit with your child 1:1 each lesson and nor should parents. If you choose to sit with your child 1:1 for the entire task, you will create a child who will become dependent on an adult sitting next to them. This, in turn, will be very tricky for them when they return back to a class of 30 children.

• Praise EFFORT over PRODUCT. This is a really tricky time for children, home school will be very unnerving. We know children will not produce the same standard of work as they would at school but this is all new for them too! Continually fill your child full with praise for their efforts. Teachers often use the phrase ‘I love how you have e.g. used exciting words in that sentence’

• It is not necessary to print anything. Anything children are sent can be completed electronically and sent to Tapestry or Seesaw for our older children

• Teachers will not respond to children’s uploads / parent posts between 12pm and 1pm and during an evening to enable time with their own families.



We will ask children to interact with school staff between 9am-10am only and upload to Tapestry. We ask you to upload this to your ‘St John’s News Year… 2019’ page so that all of the children can see each other virtually.


Online Face-to-Face Lessons


It is important that children and teachers continue some form of face to face interaction; a lockdown society is potentially a very lonely experience for children, particularly where there are no siblings within the household.


How will we host a face to face interaction with your child?


We will use a video program named ‘ZOOM’. Each teacher will send an invite to Parentmail for parents to open with your child; you will have been notified in advance of when face to face ‘zooming calls’ will be taking place.


To receive and join a zoom video call you will need:

• internet access • a laptop with a web browser

• an iPad or Android Tablet with the Zoom Cloud Meetings app installed

• access to your emails on your device

• For those parents/children using a laptop, no app is required; you will only need to access your Parentmail email which will contain the zoom invite. Once clicked you will be taken to the zoom call where you will see and hear the teacher. Please make sure your microphone is enabled on your laptop so that the teacher can hear your child’s comments.

• For those parents/children using an iPad or android tablet, you will need to download and install the FREE Zoom Cloud Meetings app on the App Store or Google Play. You will also need to access your emails from your tablet. The Parentmail email you receive will contain a zoom invite which will then open automatically in your app.


PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a Zoom account You do not need to sign into the Zoom app.

(Remember the Parentmail email can be forwarded to your child’s device if you prefer that they have the Zoom app on their own device)


Once connected you will be able to see and hear your teacher. Once you have supported your child to join the zoom meeting, you may wish to leave them to participate in the zoom lesson independently. However, for safeguarding reasons, we insist that children are suitably dressed whilst participating in zoom video calls and recommend that a responsible adult is in earshot of the call.


As your child becomes more familiar with zoom lessons, the teachers will teach an input, set the children off on a given ask and then end the zoom call whilst the children work independently at home. They will then provide a time to restart the zoom lesson and gather/discuss the children’s work.


Creating a Purposeful Learning Environment at Home


We acknowledge that the home environment cannot mirror the classroom; we recommend that you set aside a quiet place within the house where there are as few distractions as possible (No TV/computer consoles) so that your child can focus on their daily tasks.


This is a very new challenge for everyone and we are all having to quickly adapt to new ways of working. There will no doubt be times when you/your child feels overwhelmed; please try to keep positive – if your child sees that you’re frustrated this will impact on the atmosphere within the house.


In your family you could have up to three year groups of work to oversee; teachers will be mindful of this but it may take a little while before we strike the right balance. Please just do what you can. In households with more than one child, the older children can work more independently and perhaps even at times be the ‘teacher’ themselves to support younger siblings.


This is a big ask, parents are not trained teachers and we will do our utmost to guide you every step of the way. If you or your child is struggling with anything, please send us a message on Tapestry and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.


We are listening to your feedback and constantly tweaking our strategies to make this process as simplistic as possible.


Take care and stay safe.

New Childcare Arrangements 23.03.20


Dear Parents/Carers,

Primarily, schools are closed to provide protection for children (and the population) through increasing social distancing.  The guidance from the government makes it clear that primarily children should be at home.  However, to support the running of the nation during this unthinkable crisis, school staff are being asked to put themselves (and so their own families) at an increased risk than many others by providing a role in keeping important parts of the country's infrastructure functioning, and importantly ensuring that our critical workers within the NHS can continue to save lives.  

We are doing what we can at school to keep our staff and children safe and well, and appreciate your support for our dedicated staff who are doing this important work, whilst also keeping their own families safe and well. 

With this in mind there are some stringent guidelines we need to follow to limit contact between staff and visitors.

For those parents of children who are attending school this week:

* DO NOT approach staff at drop off or collection time; we have some staff that fall into the vulnerable categories.  If you do have information you need to pass on, telephone school or use Tapestry.

* Only arrive for a 9am opening; if you do arrive before this time, please make sure that you practise social distancing and stand 2 metres away from other pupils/parents.

* Please remember, we are offering childcare, not education/direct teaching.  Your child will be with mixed age groups and may not be cared for by their usual teacher.

* Children are NOT to bring school bags or water bottles; they will be provided with clean cups to drink from which have been washed at a very high temperature in our industrial cleaner.

* Children are NOT to wear school uniform; we insist that they wear fresh, clean clothes each day.  Parents are advised to wash their child's clothes as soon as they arrive home from childcare to reduce the potential spread of infection.

* If your child is not attending school on a day in which they have booked in, please telephone school as soon as possible to let us know.

* Children will be let out of the front main entrance door at 3:30pm prompt and parents/carers must adhere to 2 metre social distancing between others.

* It is not acceptable to be late collecting your child and regrettably this will result in the loss of your place.

* Packed lunch children can bring their own lunch on MONDAY ONLY; after Monday we intend to provide all children attending with a school meal to reduce any contamination.  More information about this will be shared tomorrow.

* Children are not required to attend for the full day and can be collected as soon as you are able.  Please telephone school on 01942 672825 to let us know of your early arrival and we will bring your child out to you.  The front door will be locked.  Remember, the safest place for your child is at home with you.

* These EMERGENCY childcare places will be kept under constant review over the coming weeks so please do inform us if your circumstances change. Be advised, if someone in the household is working from home then your child should remain there where they are safe.

We appreciate that there is a lot of information being sent out , not just from us but from other media sources too.  Please try not to be overwhelmed.  As a school we are just trying to cover all eventualities under the circumstances thrust upon us.

Thank you,

Mrs Lightfoot and The LSJP Team

Initial Covid-19 Childcare Guidance

Within the early hours of this morning we received from the government the official definitions of parent key worker groups and vulnerable children.  This guidance strongly emphasised that:

* 'Parents should keep their children at home, wherever possible'

* and has asked schools to 'be open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.'

* If children can remain at home, they should, to limit the virus from spreading. The fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in the wider society.'

As we have had high numbers of requests for childcare - more than we can safely offer without increasing the risk of spreading the virus, we will be prioritising children whose parents CANNOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, keep their child at home because of their critical job role.  Parents working from home will NOT be prioritised. Prioritising will be done using a tiered approach for those most critical children.

Today, it is vital that the parents who strongly feel that their child qualifies for a childcare place within school:

* provide proof of employment

* proof of their specific job role

* evidence from their employer in some official form that they are unable to work from home.

* If 1 parent is identified as a critical worker, they can send their child to school IF REQUIRED. Evidence the other parent is unable to to provide childcare will be needed. School will evaluate each case on an individual basis. 

Parents should upload this to Tapestry ASAP TODAY.  

If school priotise your child for a place in school, you will be telephoned today (Friday) and be informed that your child has a childcare place in school from Monday.  We will then be asking you about your working days as we will only provide childcare on the days you are required to attend your workplace. 

This is to ensure the safest working conditions for our staff and children.

It is important that parents understand the new role that schools are being asked to take during this difficult crisis; schools are now taking a childcare role and will not be delivering teaching as they do typically. 


* Children can only attend if they are well, fit and healthy with NO MILD ILLNESSES

* School must be informed immediately if the critical worker needs to self isolate

* Our school will offer childcare from our school hall which is well ventilated with easy outdoor access

* staff will keep to stringent social distancing measures of 2 metres

* There will be activities for children to choose, but no direct teaching

* The staff will take children outside frequently to provide fresh air and greater social distancing.

* Children must not wear school uniform - we insist on fresh, clean clothes daily.

* School will operate 9am to 3:30pm

* School will only care for your child on the days you are required to attend your work place.  
Many parents will feel that they qualify for their child to continue to attend school; however, schools are tasked with the difficult job of prioritising those needs.  Therefore it is inevitable that not all requests will be met.  Parents must understand that schools have to limit their numbers for safety reasons.

Once we are underway next week, it may be possible that we are able to adopt a waiting list of eligible parents that 'missed out.'  Our priority today is to ensure that we have the critical children attending on Monday.


Dear Parents and Carers,

You should have received an email via ParentMail asking you to complete the school closure survey.we kindly ask that you do so as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support,

the LSJP Team

Update about Government announcement to close school

Dear Parents/carers,

You will no doubt have seen the announcement tonight; it is clear that, for the majority of children, our school will close at the end of the school day on Friday until further notice.  However, children of key workers and identified vulnerable children whose parents require them to be looked after in school will still attend from Monday until Easter holidays and then onwards afterwards, as long as they are well and not in household isolation.  School staff will attend as usual.

We shall await further information from the Government, the Department for Education and the LA about the definition of key workers.  During tomorrow and Friday, we shall send further information to you which will explain how we will continue to provide teaching and learning opportunities for your child during our school closure. 

Once the definition of key workers and vulnerable children etc. has been clearly defined and understood, we will begin our identification of those children and will be in communication with those families to find out whether they wish for their children to be in school.

I am sure like us you all feel a sense of bewilderment and uncertainty at this quite surreal time; we send to each and every one of you our blessings.

Thank you for your continued support,

The LSJP Team

Important changes to pick up arrangements

Dear Parent/carer,

I am sure you will appreciate the constant need to review our day to day practices in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  Given the nature of a school environment, social mixing amongst the children is inevitable; however, we know that the government guidance is that social contact and social mixing is advised against.

As a public service we must do everything possible to play our part in minimising the spread of this virus; therefore, we have made some changes to our 'pick up' arrangements so that parents/carers are not congregating in large groups within the school grounds.


We kindly request that you follow these new arrangements from tomorrow - 19.03.20:


Reception: to be collected at the slightly earlier time of 3pm from the back car-park gate

Y1: to be collected at the earlier time of 3pm at the usual front gate (Texaco)

Y2: to be collected at the slightly earlier time of 3:15pm from the back car-park gate

Y3: to be collected at the slightly earlier time of 3:15pm from the usual front gate (Texaco)

Y4 Mrs Bailey's: to be collected at the slightly earlier time of 3:15pm from the usual front office entrance

Y4 Miss Simpson's: to be collected at 3:30pm from the usual front office entrance (no change)

All Y5 children: to be collected at 3:30pm from the back car-park gate

All Y6 children: to be collected at 3:30pm from the front gate (Texaco)


New pick up arrangements - details about siblings




Older siblings will leave with younger siblings.

Children attending Home from Home will be taken through to club by the class teacher at the usual time.


Best wishes,

The LSJP Team

Coronavirus update 18.03.20

Dear parents/carers,

On Monday, Boris Johnson - Prime Minister - announced new measures to suppress the spread of COVID-19; he strongly advised that vulnerable people are to confine themselves by avoiding any form of social mixing in the community as well as preventing their friends and family visiting their house.

The government have since issued guidance which describes the three main vulnerable groups.  These include:

* People over age 70

* Pregnant women

* Those who are suffering from an underlying health condition.  (See photos below)

Children who have these conditions should self isolate in order to be protected.  These absences will of course be authorised. 

The Prime Minister also spoke at length about our joint responsibility to 'shield the vulnerable.'  Parents with any of these underlying health conditions may wish to evaluate their personal circumstances and if they consider that their child continuing to attend school poses too high of a risk, in this case we will authorise these absences for 14 days.

As things develop rapidly with the spread of this disease, we will continue to share the very latest guidance.  If your household is in 14 day isolation, we wish you all good health.  Please check tapestry for updates about home learning to keep your little one's brain bubbling.

Best wishes at this difficult time,

The LSJP Team


Coronavirus update

Dear parents/carers,

Thank you for your cooperation with the new COVID-19 measures; we continue to guide all families to follow the government's latest advice regarding avoiding social contact.  Below is a photograph of a summary of the advice issued on Monday.

Additionally, after numerous follow up enquiries from families with children querying if their child can return to school before the 14 day isolation period (due to them feeling in better health), we feel that we must clarify the matter:

If you telephone us to report that your child will be absent due to coronavirus symptoms (however mild):

* a new, persistent cough and/or

* a high temperature (37.8 or above)

then we will document your whole household isolation period stating which day your child and any siblings can return.  We are stringently following the government's guidance which means that we will not accept your child (and siblings where relevant) back into school until the 14 day isolation period has ended, regardless of when their symptoms improved.

We hope that this clarifies the matter.

Thank you,

The LSJP Team


Important Coronavirus Update


Dear Parents/carers,

First of all we wish to say thank you to our parents/carers for your ongoing support with regards managing the safety of our children during this world crisis.  When asked to collect your children due to the onset of symptoms, you have done so without hesitation or question.

By now, no doubt you will have heard about the government's latest, more stringent measures to tackle the coronavirus spread.  The guidance shared by Boris Johnson - Prime Minister - this afternoon, which will have the greatest impact on school is the new 'whole household' 14-day isolation period which has increased from 7 days.  Basically, if one person in any household has a persistent cough or fever (above 37.8), everyone living there must stay at home for 14 days from the start of the first symptom.  For our school, this means that some siblings who have been in school today will now be absent tomorrow.  Some children that started a 7 day isolation period today will now have to stay away from school for 14 days and everyone within the household will also be expected to isolate for the same period.

Additionally, everyone in the UK has been advised to avoid non-essential travel and social contact with others; therefore, we must regrettably cancel next week's Y5/6 trips to see 'Dippy the Dinosaur' and Y2's trip to Kenyon Hall Farm this Wednesday. Also, with a view to avoiding social contact with others, we must also cancel parents' evenings which were scheduled to take place on Tuesday 31st March and Wednesday 1st April; however, after the success of today's live streamed Y2 SATs briefings, we are exploring alternative ways to host online parent/teacher appointments.  We will update you of these in due course.

I'm sure like us, you too are finding the pandemic of coronavirus quite surreal and unnerving.  Please be assured that we are taking every measure possible to safeguard each and every member of our school community.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

Mrs E Lightfoot and The LSJP Team


Coronavirus update

Dear parent/carer,

Following on from the Prime Minister's press conference this afternoon, we wish to highlight the new changes being implemented by the government in its response to the coronavirus outbreak:

The government have announced today the UK's next steps in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The UK has now entered the 'delay' phase of its four point plan which sees new measures enforced.

Today, we were informed of the new 'stay at home' instructions for anyone displaying the most common coronavirus symptoms.

Anyone showing recent onset of:

· new continuous cough and/or

· high temperature (above 37.8)

however mild, should stay at home and not leave the house for 7 days from when the symptoms started. This applies to everyone with no exceptions.

We predict that this new measure will affect many of our children and staff over the coming weeks as the virus is set to spread rapidly and widely throughout communities. It is important to remember that for most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild infection; however, as explained by the Prime Minister and his team, coronavirus poses a serious threat to vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. We therefore remind parents/carers to carry out this action to help protect others in the community whilst there are a growing number of people actively infectious.

Absences for coronavirus related symptoms should be reported to the school office in the usual way, making clear the reason for that absence so we can monitor the seven day absence period.

School staff will continue to be vigilant in identifying symptoms amongst children and where the above common symptoms are observed, the child will be isolated and parents will be contacted immediately to collect them from school. We recommend that parents who work a distance away from school make 'back up' arrangements for the eventuality of their child becoming symptomatic at any point over the coming weeks.

For more detailed guidance regarding the new 'stay at home' measure please visit:

We will continue to keep you informed of any further developments.

Many thanks for your support.

Mrs E Lightfoot


Coronavirus update

Dear Parent/carer,

As you will be aware, the government have been holding emergency meetings regarding their plans to respond to the current coronavirus outbreak. Whilst they have announced that no actions regarding cancelling large gatherings (e.g. sporting events or school closures) will be introduced just yet, as a school we will be implementing some measures to protect all our members of the school community as the number of infected people is set to rise.

We must stress that presently we have no cases of coronavirus within our school community.

However, it makes sense to plan ahead and to introduce sensible measures to reduce the risk of anyone becoming infected.

There are three vital roles that we ask parents and carers to comply with during this outbreak:

1. We will temporarily be stopping parents/carers from entering school / classrooms during morning drop-off/pick-up. This is to prevent unnecessarily large social gatherings. Please do adhere to these new arrangements.

2. We urge parents/carers to keep school fully informed of any family illness that you suspect is related to coronavirus. If in any doubt, please do keep your child / yourself away from school, do not visit or attend any school events and seek advice from NHS 111.

3. Please maintain your child's focus on hygiene. In school, children are supervised regularly when washing hands and have been shown how to do this thoroughly. We have built into the daily timetable designated hand washing slots; these include, when children arrive in the morning, before morning break, before lunch, on return to the classroom following lunch, prior to going home. Staff are also vigilantly observing when children have coughed/sneezed etc. and are directing them to wash their hands accordingly.

We continue to follow daily guidance from the Department for Education, Public Health England and Wigan Council, and will update families with any new and emerging developments.

In the meantime, please can we remind everyone within our school community to play their part in helping to prevent / delay the spread of this virus?

Tips from Public Health England:

1. Wash your hands more often than usual, for 20 seconds using soap and hot water, particularly after coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose, or after being in public areas where other people are doing so. Use hand santitiser if that's all you have access to.

2. To reduce the spread of germs when you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or your sleeve (not your hands) if you don't have a tissue, and throw the tissue away immediately. Then wash your hands or use a hand sanitising gel.

3. Clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces using your regular cleaning products to reduce the risk of passing the infection on to other people.

4. It is likely that older people and those with underlying medical conditions may be more vulnerable to this infection so please do take care not to cough / sneeze near to, or have unnecessary physical touch with people in these groups.

Thank you,

The LSJP Team

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