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We are delighted to inform you about our exciting learning resource for maths. 'Mathletics' is a wonderful computer, web-based learning program designed to support children from Reception through to High School in learning key maths skills.  The beauty of this program is that it provides opportunities for children to continue their mathematical learning wherever they have access to an internet connection, both at school and potentially at home and beyond.



From the Mathletics homepage, children can check out the 'Hall of Fame' and 'Live Stats' to see how other pupils around the world are achieving success with maths!  Whenever a child visits the homepage to log in, they can view the names of the top 100 students who have earned significant points during that day.  The homepage also displays the 'Mathlete of the Week' which is drawn at random from all students who have achieved a certificate in that week.




Children can enjoy personalising their avator, selecting hairstyles, facial features and even outfits to create their own look!  Children's high performance on Mathletics can earn them credits to gain cool stuff for their avatar! The activities children will do, match the types of activities they do in mathematics lessons in school.  Each correct answer earns children points which subsequently lead to weekly certificates.




Click HERE to visit Mathletics and log into the site.

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