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Mrs Hatton – Early Years’ Leader

Miss Cieslar – Class Teacher

Miss Waine – Teaching Assistant

Mr Bailey - Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hughes – Pastoral Manager


Aims of Reception

During the Reception year, the learning journey pupils take lay the foundations for a bright future. It is a time where children can embrace their creativity, whilst exploring the world around them. The Reception timetable offers children the opportunities to play and explore, think critically and be active learners. Children are empowered to take ownership over their learning. Through our strong nurturing environment, children rapidly develop their confidence and a real love for learning.  

Last Summer - Big School Time!

Wow! All of the boys and girls did exceptionally well during their ‘Big School Time’ sessions throughout June and July. They gave us a real insight into their personalities and we sneakily listened to all of their interests and hobbies from home, and plan to use all of these to hook and spark their imagination, as we begin our learning.


Look at the fun we had during Big School Time!



A Typical Day in Reception Class


Family Challenge


Daily Worship


Daily Phonics


Literacy or Mathematics groups focus with indoor and outdoor enhanced provision.


Lunch and playground play


Interest led learning/Topic Time which incorporates Understanding of the World, Expressive Arts and Design as well as Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


Afternoon play


Interest led learning/Topic Time Physical Development

How can you help at home?

  • 10 minutes daily reading of school books
  • Quick flash practices of Words and Sounds (sent home with reading books)
  • A bed time story to help with vocabulary and imagination
  • Responding to Tapestry Observations - show your support and acknowledgement of your child's learning through a like or comment on their tapestry posts
  • Promote independence, eg with dressing and daily routine
For information regarding COVID-19 guidance, please see our new section in KEY INFORMATION. Here you will find our risk assessment for whole school opening as well as other important information. This section will be updated as new guidance becomes available. Please check back frequently to stay up to date.