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Welcome to Year 5


​We are very excited to welcome you to our Year 5 page. In Year 5, we continue to encourage pupils to develop a love of learning and a zest for life, as well as developing key life skills and independence. We want our pupils to experience a rich, broad and stimulating curriculum full of real problems and hands on experiences. They are encouraged to work hard, develop resilience and enjoy their achievements from the start. Please browse our page to find out what exciting opportunities we will have in store for them over the next year.


The Year 5 Team

Our Year 5 class teachers are Miss Cunniffe and Mr Lancaster. Our fabulous learning support assistants, Miss Taylor and Mrs Partington also work with our Y5 children, enabling them to make the best possible progress throughout their learning journey. This year, we are also very lucky to have a teaching assistant apprentice, Miss McCrae, working with us.

Our Daily Timetable



Assembly/ Worship




Morning Play




Book Club


Lunch time


Topic Session 1


Afternoon Play


Topic Session 2


Home Time






The children in year 5 are encouraged to complete their home learning tasks independently. The tasks set are a consolidation and practise of skills taught within school during the previous week. Some children may still need some guidance and support from you at home, but most tasks should be enjoyable and be able to be completed without assistance.


We have discussed homework with the children and they have requested receiving their homework at the beginning of the week, to allow them several days to complete, without impacting their home commitments (sports clubs / youth groups / family events etc)

  • 15 minutes reading per night
  • Monday - Practising spellings for their weekly spelling quiz – this can be using home strategies or using the Spelling Shed programme.
  • Monday - Spend time on Mathletics (usernames and passwords are in the front of their reading records - remember they need at least 1000 points per week to earn a certificate)
  • Tuesday – Either a grammar or mathematics task (alternate weeks)
  • Tuesday – Times Table Rock Stars Practise
  • Reading for Book Club – Book Club is an opportunity to enjoy and read a book with their peers. They will then be asked to read a set number of pages before their next session.


What can parents can do to help?


  • ​Keep up-to-date with your child's learning via Tapestry. Please feel free to 'like' and share comments in order to celebrate your child's on-going achievements.
  • Read books with your child and talk about the story, the poems or the information in them. Explore which parts of the book they enjoyed the most and why? Discuss the ambitious language choices and how the author has portrayed the characters and settings. Please sign their reading records regularly.
  • Use Mathletics to recall number facts and consolidate mathematical concepts that have been taught in school.

Topics, Trips and Visits


Autumn 1: A Kingdom United

During this topic, the children will be introduced to the past when the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons invaded Briton. They will sequence events through the use of appropriate terms relating to the passing of time, and identify where these events fit into a chronological framework during the Anglo-Saxon period. They will recognise how towns and cities were given their names once invaded and how the lifestyles, religions and routines changed depending on who the Leader of the Kingdom was at that specific time. They will look at Anglo-Saxon artefacts and architecture, considering purpose, design and materials before designing and making their own. In addition, they will study the United Kingdom and be introduced to the capital cities, politics and laws.


Visits / Visitors:

We will have a visit from our Local MP (Jo Platt) to discuss current matters, procedures, life skills, what happens in Parliament etc.

Date: Thursday 20th September (pm)




Autumn 2: Earthlings

During this topic, the children will be introduced to the solar system and its planets. They will describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system and the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth. They will also become aware that the Sun, Moon and Earth are spherical bodies. They will understand the concept of day and night by learning about the Earth’s rotation and complete science experiments to monitor how the sun moves by looking at the shadows that are cast.



Visits / Visitors:

We will visit ‘Spaceport’ in Liverpool (Seacombe Ferry Terminal) and have a ride on the ‘River Explorer Cruise’.

Date: Friday 16th November (all day)





Spring 1: World War II

  1. this topic, the children will learn about the reasons for the outbreak of the Second World War. They will learn about the lifestyles of evacuees (rationing, food, clothing and impending danger) and people living on the home front, the geography of key battles around the world, life on the battlefield, in the air and at sea and the journey to victory. They will look at symbols of the war and how the holocaust affected the Jewish population of Europe.


Visits / Visitors:

We will visit Stockport Museum & Air Raid Shelters for a day of ‘Evacuees Come to Stockport’.

Date: Friday 11th January (all day)





Spring 2: Amazon Adventure

During this topic, the children will study the geography of the Amazon Basin which is the region of South America drained by the Amazon River and its tributaries. As most of the region is covered by tropical rainforest (biome) they will learn about this and other rainforests of the world. Children will start to learn how the future of tropical rainforests and other ecosystems is closely connected to human lives and lifestyles. They will also learn about the wider country of Brazil in which most of the Amazon rainforest is located.


Visits / Visitors:

We will visit Pennington Flash and explore the natural habitats of different creatures.

Date: None set (depending on weather conditions)

Wellies will be required! J





Summer 1: A Trip to Water World

  1. this topic, the children will be introduced to the water system around the United Kingdom. They will learn about the water cycle and how it changes form at different points. They will study the canal and river systems and identify these on a British map. We will consider the use of the ‘water world’ and how this differs in our country to those in other countries. The children will consider how heating and cooling effects different materials and use water to understand freezing and cooling concepts, considering temperatures and how the location of the country can impact this.



Visits / Visitors:

We will be following maps of the local area to find the canal. We will then use those maps to find different areas (exploring and orienteering back to school). The children will follow the canal and try to find their way back to school (guided & in groups) using their map reading schools.





Summer 2: ‘Muggle’ Studies

During this topic, the children will be introduced to the Harry Potter series of books. They will consider how stories are converted into films, thinking about story boards, designing characters and how to create mythical creatures. The children will be given the opportunities to design and make their own creatures using sculpture and collaborative art work. In science, the children will be focusing on Chemistry and how mixing and combining different elements creates a chemical reaction. The children will consider the possible reactions when making their own ‘magical potions’. They will also be introduced to the ‘Wizarding World of Hogwarts’ and will be looking at the structures and mechanisms required to make a secure and stable castle!


Visits / Visitors:

In July, we will be VISITING LONDON for our Year 5 RESIDENTIAL!


On day 1, the coach will collect us from school (EARLY!). We will drive to London and have a tour visiting London Landmarks (Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament etc). We will be meeting Jo Platt at the Houses of Parliament and will be having a meal in a restaurant followed by a possible show (depending on availability, suitability and cost) and sleep over at one of London’s premier hostels.


On day 2, we will venture to the wonderful Wizarding World that is Harry Potter Studios. We will have lunch and drive back to school. We will arrive back at school for early evening (approx 6/7pm).

For information regarding COVID-19 guidance, please see our new section in KEY INFORMATION. Here you will find our risk assessment for whole school opening as well as other important information. This section will be updated as new guidance becomes available. Please check back frequently to stay up to date.