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Year 1


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Year 1


Year 1 is an exciting year in which your children will embrace a new learning journey into a new curriculum. It is an important transitional year that equips children with the skills, determination and independence to flourish within their work. Support is given to the children as they progress from the play-based learning of Reception to the structured timetabled learning within Year 1. The Year 1 curriculum is very exciting, allowing for children to acquire the essential skills within a variety of topics and subjects. Children develop their skills for learning through hands on lessons, focused tasks, directed modeling and focused questioning. Year 1 encourages children to explore and investigate the world around them to develop their understanding and independent learning skills. The classroom is a safe and calm learning environment in which happy, motivated children can work with purpose in co-operation with others while growing independence.


The Year 1 Team


Our Year 1 teacher is Miss Evans, with the fantastic learning support assistant Mrs Cohen. They work very closely to ensure that our children are supported within a safe and enabling environment, which provides them with the structure and opportunities for the best possible progress.




9:00 to 9:30 Assembly / Worship
9:30 to 10:25 Maths
10:25 to 10:35 Morning Break / Toast Time
10:35 to 11:30 English
11:30 to 12:00 Phonics
12:00 to 13:10 Lunch / Focused 1:1 Reading
13:10 to 14:15 Topic Session 1
14:15 to 14:25 Afternoon Break / Fruit Time
14:25 to 15:30 Topic Session 2





In Year 1, homework is occasionally set in order to consolidate classroom based learning, or for developing knowledge in anticipation of new learning. It provides opportunities for parents to work in partnership with school while seeing and understanding the expectations of the children. Homework is a wonderful way in which parents can see what their child is learning and extend their learning with new opportunities or experiences. The home-based learning (expected weekly) includes 20 minutes of daily reading (Monday to Friday). Optional homework includes Mathletics. Each child has their own individual log in for Mathletics in which they can log in to the website at home to practice their Mathematical skills. 1000 points every week earns them a Bronze certificate and 4 consecutive Bronze certificates earns them a Silver certificate! 




PE in Year 1 is taught by Miss Evans on a Thursday and Friday. We request that your child has a full St John’s PE kit with them in school every day. Due to afterschool clubs and changes in timetables it is essential that a PE kit is in school, in case PE days need to be changed, so please return them if taken home.


What can parents do to help?


Supporting and keeping informed of your child’s learning is very important. We therefore recommend that you check in on Tapestry to see their learning journey regularly. Please ‘Like’ what you see and leave comments along with adding your own observations when home learning is linked to school topics and interests. Reading is a vital skill and is needed within all areas of children’s learning. Please ensure that your child is reading at home; fill in the reading record to show what they are achieving, struggling with and any additional comments. Reading dollars are awarded for reading at home: reading 4 times a week earns 4 dollars, 5 times a week earns 6 dollars, 6 times a week earns 8 dollars and 7 times a week earns 10 dollars. Children are given time to 'spend' their reading dollars in our 'Read-a-lot-a-licious' shop which has lots of amazing prizes, all priced differently, to encourage children to aim for a particular goal and be eager to read at home, developing a love of reading which is essential.


Topics, Trips and visits


Autumn 1 - Penguins, Possums and Pigs

This topic is all about animals!  We will aim to help children to think Geographically and equip them with some knowledge about the hot and cold places of the world, how these places are different from the UK and the animals that live in these places. We will be identifying and naming a variety of animals, comparing their structures and understanding that animals need to be treated with care and sensitivity to keep them alive and healthy. In Art and Design we will be experimenting with a variety of media, observing and drawing animals, working on different scales and manipulating malleable materials in a variety of ways to create our very own clay animal.


Possible Trip/Visit: A visit from a Mum of St John’s who owns her own aquarium!


Autumn 2 - Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!  will be focusing on History. The children will study the history of The Great Fire of London by firstly identifying where London is and how it is different now from before the fire in 1666. We will look at the life of Samuel Pepys who lived in London a long time ago and the Tudor and Steward houses that him and his friends would have lived in. We are very hopeful that the children will get the opportunity to make their own Tudor or Steward house which the Fire Service will come and set alight – just like The Great Fire!


Possible Trip/Visit: Fire Service – Street on fire



Spring 1 - Family Album

During this topic, the children will be exploring memorable and national events that have occurred during their lifetime. We will help the children to understand timelines and how they work so that they can create their own, adding the events from their lifetime. We will look at how the children have changed over time and how their adults have. Furthermore, we will explore the celebrations of birthdays past and present and what children’s toys were like in the past. We will introduce them to the Royal Family members and the toys that this family would have played with. We are hoping to bring this topic alive by taking the children to the World of Beatrix Potter! Pupils will learn about the life of Beatrix Potter and build knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past. They will learn how to ask questions, listen to other people’s opinions and sequence events on a timeline.


Possible Trip/Visit: World of Beatrix Potter



Spring 2 - Robots 

This topic focuses mainly on Science. The children will be introduced to the topic by a visit from a Robot. He has a big question: “What is a human?”. The children will compare their own bodies against the body of a robot and identify what is the same/different. This will included looking at the physical features and studying the 5 senses to enable them to answer the robots question.


Possible Trip/Visit: Eureka / Robotics Workshop


Summer 1 - Growth and Green Fingers

Growth and Green Fingers will help your children to understand about the variety and basic structures of common wild and garden plants, flowering plants and trees. They will receive a special message off an alien from a planet of rock and soil, who is extremely jealous of our green planet, who wishes to find out more about what makes our planet so green! The children will complete tasks for the friendly aliens to help them learn more. In addition to this, children will also be learning about fruit and vegetables and where they come from. This will result in a final Design and Technology challenge. The children will be going on a real ASDA visit! Their challenge will be to plan which fruit and vegetables they need to purchase, buy them with their budget, return to school and make their fruit and vegetable treats and finally present them to their families in our Year 1 St John’s Vegetarian Café!


Possible Trip/Visit: Real ASDA visit



Summer 2 - The Great Outdoors

This topic allows children to be Science explorers in the search of special treasure. Some of their journeys and tasks will be indoors but many will be in the great outdoors! We will go on a Great Outdoors Treasure Hunt to help the children understand which objects should be in a natural area and which wouldn’t normally be found there. This will lead us onto learning all about materials. The children will be researching, exploring and observing in a range of tasks! We will test materials and complete some practical investigations. In Geography we will learn simple fieldwork skills, including observation and recording, to study the Geography of their school and its grounds.


Possible Trip/Visit: Lilford Woods


For information regarding COVID-19 guidance, please see our new section in KEY INFORMATION. Here you will find our risk assessment for whole school opening as well as other important information. This section will be updated as new guidance becomes available. Please check back frequently to stay up to date.