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At St. John's we aim to provide an inspiring, creative and balanced curriculum​ that effectively meets the needs of all of our children. 


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 The children in our Reception classes experience all areas of the Early Years             

Curriculum.  There are seven areas in total and these are split into three Prime:


  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 


and four Specific:


  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design. 


We are required to assess each child in our Reception Class on their progress towards the Early Learning Goals.  Assessments are based on observing pupils in their own play as well as the teachers' and other adults' (including parents & carers) knowledge of individual children.  Further information for parents & carers about the Early Years can be found within the Parents' Guide to the EY document below.  Another useful resource centre for parents and carers is 4Children, The national charity all about children and families.


Children in Y1 to Y6 experience all areas of the National Curriculum through our thematic topic approach. 

English, Maths and Science are very important and are considered the core subjects and therefore provide children with vital transferable skills to apply to other areas of learning. Alongside these are the familiar foundation subjects: Art, Computing, Design & Technology, Foreign Languages (age 7+ only), Geography, History, Music, and Physical Education. 


We also enrich our curriculum and seek to bring learning alive through school themed days, visits, visitors and clubs. Please read our "and the learning goes on guide" below for further details.

Our School Curriculum


At Leigh St. John's C.E. Primary School the curriculum is designed to open doors as well as children's eyes.  Our children have opportunities to experience all the areas of the National Curriculum through creative, thematic topic work.  Each theme is designed to provide progressive skills and a deep knowledge and understanding of each of the subjects.


We take great care to ensure that learning is enriched through educational visits and visitors into school, and through first hand, practical experiences. These experiences broaden the children's understanding of the topics we teach.  Children's learning is assessed regularly, so that support and further challenge can be given where appropriate.  We endeavour to recognise and develop children's individual interests and talents through our ever changing, relevant topic themes.


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