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Internet Safety

At St John's we are committed to ensure that your children are safe on the internet and when using computing devices. We provide opportunities for your children to use a range of devices such as computers, iPads, iPods and many more. Although using computing devices can be an engaging and interactive way to gather research, consolidate key skills and to have fun whilst learning, we also need to ensure that the children understand how to stay safe.


We explicitly teach the children how to stay safe by keeping their personal information safe, logging on and off devices and accounts correctly, remembering 'stranger danger' even when online, speaking kindly to others as well as many more vital skills.

'Smartie' The Penguin

At St John's we have a 'Smartie' displayed in every classroom as a visual reminder for E-Safety. Smartie is our E-safety mascot in school and he reminds us to be SMART when using the internet.


Smartie teaches us the meaning of being 'SMART'.

Internet Safety Information for Parents

Children access the internet and use computing devices everyday, whether they are in school, at home, or with their friends. It is our responsibility as their grown ups, to ensure that they know how to use them safely and what to do if they ever have a problem whilst using them.

Please click on the link below and you will be directed to our 'Internet Safety Advice for Parents' page.
In addition, we have prepared a selection of parent guides to help you set your home parental controls, as well as help your child to surf the internet safely.
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