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Our School Charter


Our School Charter

 In addition to our excellent school curriculum, we promise during your child’s time at St John’s they will:


1. Have many opportunities to appreciate the beautiful world around us by:

  • Feeling sand between their toes and building a sand castle
  • Paddling in the sea
  • Conker picking in the woods
  • Splashing in puddles
  • Digging in mud
  • Hunting for bugs
  • Skimming a stone
  • Playing in the rain
  • Playing in the snow
  • Using a map


2. Have opportunities to appreciate food by:

  • Growing and eating their own food
  • Cooking food for you to eat


3. Have opportunities to appreciate life by:

  • Watching life develop
  • Caring for an animal
  • Tending to a plant


4. Have many opportunities to develop a love for music by:

  • Listening to an orchestra
  • Experiencing live music on stage
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Watching a show


5. Have many opportunities to broaden horizons and have high life aspirations by:

  • Enjoying a school residential for more than 1 night
  • Visiting another school and a university
  • Visiting businesses
  • Meeting successful people
  • Visiting a significant city
  • Experiencing trips every term
  • Enjoying many interesting visitors to school
  • Meeting a famous person who has achieved great things
  • Speaking another language


6. Have many opportunities to be creative and develop a love of art by:

  • Visiting a gallery
  • Being creative with ‘real’ Artists
  • Visiting a special exhibition
  • Developing a gallery for others to enjoy


7. Have many opportunities to be curious about what has shaped our country and how we can shape the future by:

  • Experiencing local history
  • Experiencing British history
  • Reducing, recycling and reusing
  • Understanding different faiths and visiting other places of worship
  • Learning basic first aid
  • Learning how to create a positive digital footprint


8. Have many opportunities to become money smart and charitable by:

  • Experiencing enterprise and managing money through making and selling
  • Having fun raising money for school
  • Understanding the work of charities and raising money for them


9. Have many opportunities to be physical and develop a love of participating in and watching sport by:

  • Learning to swim
  • watching a live professional sports event/match
  • Participating in competitions
  • Experiencing a wide variety of sporting after school clubs
  • Meet a professional sports person 
For information regarding COVID-19 guidance, please see our new section in KEY INFORMATION. Here you will find our risk assessment for whole school opening as well as other important information. This section will be updated as new guidance becomes available. Please check back frequently to stay up to date.