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Our School Charter


Our School Charter

 In addition to our excellent school curriculum, we promise during your child’s time at St John’s they will:


1. Have many opportunities to appreciate the beautiful world around us by:

  • Feeling sand between their toes and building a sand castle
  • Paddling in the sea
  • Conker picking in the woods
  • Splashing in puddles
  • Digging in mud
  • Hunting for bugs
  • Skimming a stone
  • Playing in the rain
  • Playing in the snow
  • Using a map


2. Have opportunities to appreciate food by:

  • Growing and eating their own food
  • Cooking food for you to eat


3. Have opportunities to appreciate life by:

  • Watching life develop
  • Caring for an animal
  • Tending to a plant


4. Have many opportunities to develop a love for music by:

  • Listening to an orchestra
  • Experiencing live music on stage
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Watching a show


5. Have many opportunities to broaden horizons and have high life aspirations by:

  • Enjoying a school residential for more than 1 night
  • Visiting another school and a university
  • Visiting businesses
  • Meeting successful people
  • Visiting a significant city
  • Experiencing trips every term
  • Enjoying many interesting visitors to school
  • Meeting a famous person who has achieved great things
  • Speaking another language


6. Have many opportunities to be creative and develop a love of art by:

  • Visiting a gallery
  • Being creative with ‘real’ Artists
  • Visiting a special exhibition
  • Developing a gallery for others to enjoy


7. Have many opportunities to be curious about what has shaped our country and how we can shape the future by:

  • Experiencing local history
  • Experiencing British history
  • Reducing, recycling and reusing
  • Understanding different faiths and visiting other places of worship
  • Learning basic first aid
  • Learning how to create a positive digital footprint


8. Have many opportunities to become money smart and charitable by:

  • Experiencing enterprise and managing money through making and selling
  • Having fun raising money for school
  • Understanding the work of charities and raising money for them


9. Have many opportunities to be physical and develop a love of participating in and watching sport by:

  • Learning to swim
  • watching a live professional sports event/match
  • Participating in competitions
  • Experiencing a wide variety of sporting after school clubs
  • Meet a professional sports person 
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