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Physical Education



At St John’s CE Primary School, we value PE because it contributes to the development of the whole child. The children are able to exceed in sports and continue to practice skills which enable them to become physically fit and healthy. It creates, in the child, a sense of enjoyment and purpose and provides pupils with a success, which will help them in their future lives.


At St John’s, we believe that a healthy lifestyle contributes to a healthy mind, helping the children to focus on their learning within the classroom. The PE Co-Ordinator in school is Lauren Cunniffe. At St John’s, we are also extremely lucky to have a team of ‘Sporty Role Models’ who support Miss Cunniffe to ensure every child in school can enjoy and access PE lessons. Our PE team members are Mr Webster, Mr Miller, Miss Taylor, Mr Bailey and Miss McCrae.


Teaching of PE in school:

Every child in school has two hours of PE every week. These sessions are one hour long and are delivered throughout the week. Every class is taught at least once by our Sports Coach, Mr Webster, and again by their class teacher. The children in Y3/4 may also have a session of swimming at Howe Bridge Swimming Baths.


At St John’s we use Key PE Skills to ensure children are being taught the essential skills for all parts of the curriculum. We teach a range of sporting skills from athletics, gymnastics, dance, striking and fielding, team games and OAA. Throughout each term, the children are taught the skills needed to compete in these sports safely. Every half term, the PE team meet to discuss the needs of our children and how we can make our PE lessons even more exciting to encourage more children to take part in physical activity.


Sporting Opportunities:

At St John’s, we are eager to ensure that our children have as many opportunities as possible to take part in sporting events. Our children work in teams at lunchtime with our ‘Sporty Role Models’ to complete a range of activities, which encourage team work as well as helping them to have a healthy lifestyle. Every child in school also takes part in the Daily Mile every morning break and we encourage children to focus on their own personal best, rather than competing with other children – we need to be the best versions of ourselves.


Our children also have the opportunities to take part in both inter and intra-competitions. We are part of the LLG cluster who provide a range of sporting competitions throughout the year. Our PE team encourage all children to take part in a sporting event and provide both competitive and inclusive competitions. They also provide training sessions at lunchtime and after school to help increase the children’s confidence in their chosen sport.


We also have close links with Mrs Walls from Lowton High School, who currently organizes the Wigan School Games. We enter every competition available and are eager to provide as many opportunities as possible for our children to succeed in sporting activities and have the confidence to further their love of sport by directing them to sporting clubs which they can attend outside of school time.


Dates for your diaries:

Keep up to date with our sporting events on our school calendar and watch our sporting successes on our Twitter page.


St John's Squads:


Football Squad

KS2 is currently led by Mr Webster. Training is weekly and we are part of a Y5/6 league.

KS1 is currently led by Mr Miller. We are awaiting our next competition and are eager to find a league, specifically for KS1 children.

Rubgy Squad

Currently led by Mr Bailey.

Netball Squad

Currently led by Miss Cunniffe & Miss Taylor.

Tennis Club

Curently led by Miss McCrae.

Sporty Gang

Currently led by Mr Morris (KS1 and KS2 sessions are ran every week).



Have a look below at just a few of our sporting events that we have taken part in this year!



At St John's, the children are given the opportunity to attend swimming lessons in Year 3. They follow a swimming scheme and are assessed by the swimming instructors at Howe Bridge Swimming Baths. This information is regularly shared with our PE lead and LKS2 team. Once the children are able to swim the National Curriculum objective of 25m, they remain in school for a PE lesson.


If children have not met the standard for swimming by the end of Year 3, they are then offered additional sessions in Year 4.


YEAR 6 SWIMMING DATA: Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, some of the swimming lessons were cancelled during the Spring / Summer Term 2020. The following data is from the latest swimming assessments (September 2019):

Y6 - 84% NCA

Y5 - 71 % NCA

Y4 - 69% NCA

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