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Belief Boulevard

Today’s mantra has been ‘Thinking beyond yourself!’

We have also developed our awareness of different religions and made comparisons between those and Christianity. Today we focused on Islam, Judaism and Christian prayer spaces in reception, year 1 & 2 Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism in year 3/4, Buddhism and Hinduism in year 5. 

The children have showed great sensitivity and empathy towards others who may be less fortunate than themselves. Likewise they have been able to show comparisons in lifestyle and beliefs between differing faiths too.

The children have talked about work we can carry out to bring about social change that will benefit individuals and communities. In doing so, we discussed topics such as illness, homelessness and refugees. We thought of ways in which we can bring about social change and decided to create ‘Thinking of you’ cards for children in hospital. We talked about how hospitalised children often feel lonely, isolated, fearful and different from peers. They are very poorly and often have to cope with missing out on childhood experiences that are taken for granted by most children, such as attending school regularly or visiting the park. We decided that an uplifting, handmade card would truly help with these challenges by brightening their day, making them feel special and reminding them they are not forgotten because they are sick. We also learnt about Sam, who is too poorly to go to school. On Friday, these cards will be delivered to some of the children at Alder Hey hospital. As part of our belief boulevard day, some of our children worked in groups and researched one of the following topics: poor sanitation, inequality for women or homelessness. They then made a video including the facts which they had found relating to Social Action.

It has been a day filled with lots of discussions, opinions and questioning sessions and the children have fully committed their selves to thinking beyond their own self.

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