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🦧🦁 Chester Zoo Trip Y5 🦁🦧

What a brilliant day we had today at Chester Zoo! 

We saw sooo many animals in their enclosures today, and we discussed the difference between their natural habitat to the enclosures they were in at Chester Zoo. Mostly, we found the zoo created enclosures as similar to the natural habitat as they could - many were being refurbished and the zoo keepers were happy to share the reasons for this.

The children also took part in a conservation workshop where they saw the problems animals face in the wild : deforestation, poaching, extinction etc. they saw real items which had been made of real animals and discussed the reasons for this - money and signs of being rich and wealthy. 

We tried to see all of the animals which the children asked to see. We were VERY lucky to see almost all of them, with the exception of the bear which was not out in its enclosure. 

The children were brilliant and the zoo keepers commented on the inquisitive questions that they asked when in the workshop. It was also lovely to see them moving out of the way to allow younger children to get closer to the enclosures, enabling everyone to see fairly.

Well done everyone 🥰🥰

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