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Fire! Fire!

Today, Pudding Lane appeared in St John's playground. A fire started in Pudding Lane bakery and quickly spread to all of the houses on Pudding Lane. 

Buildings were destroyed as the flames engulfed the buildings and smoke billowed out of the Windows.

Luckily, the fire brigade came to the rescue!

The children loved the experience and eagerly shouted when they saw the flames growing. The fire brigade thought that they had put the fire out, but the children spotted a flame burning inside one of the houses (the fire brigade were good actors).

A fantastic experience that I'm sure all of the children will remember! 
Thank you for helping them create the houses at home. We would not have been able to have this experience without your support! ⭐️

The fire brigade discussed the importance of fire safety and explained what they did and what they wore when tackling a fire. We had a wonderful volunteer, Mr Worsley, who tried on the protective clothing and described how it felt to be wearing it. He explained that the clothing was very heavy and HOT!

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