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Firefighters for the afternoon!🚒🚨☄

What a wonderful afternoon experience our Reception children have had! Special visitors arrived in a big, red fire engine delighting the children! Manchester firefighters came along to speak to the Children about their very important job, which included how they care for people and animals in the community and the protective clothing that they need to wear when out on a call in the case of a fire. They got to see Mrs Peet dress for the occasion in the firefighters protective clothes which were extremely heavy and incredibly hot to wear! After that the children were treated to a go at using the fire hose which was very difficult indeed as the water coming out of it is so powerful! Take a look at a selection of photos from the visit. A special thank you is extended to the Manchester firefighters for taking the time out of their busy day to educate the children on the importance of fire safety! 🚒🚨🚒
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