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Importance of learning to swim assembly

Steve, a swimming instructor from Leigh Leisure Centre and Howe Bridge Leisure Centre came to visit today to speak to the children about the importance of learning to swim. He explained to the children the four main reasons to learn how to swim. 
4 reasons to learn
1 Swimming can save your life 
2 swimming can be fun and enjoyable when you learn how to swim properly
3 swimming lasts a lifetime (good for fitness)
4 Sports!
Steve explained the dangers of not knowing how to swim and that in some unfortunate cases, people have lost their lives. He also told the children that when we learn to swim you are able to have fun in swimming pools, while on holiday and on slides. The children also watched videos, one showing the dangers of water and the other showing the types of water sports they can take part in and aspire to become future champions of such as  water polo, surfing, swimming, diving rowing, wake boarding, kayaking etc. Or even future Olympians! 
Thank you to Steve for sharing the importance of learning how to swim!
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