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Journey into Space
In this workshop we discovered more about the incredible journey of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, in 1969. We found out how they prepared for their journey. On the morning they ate a big breakfast, packed their bags and put on their special clothing. We identified and classified the items that the astronauts would need to pack for their mission and the children were disgusted to discover that they would need to wear nappies on their journey! We also learnt that there would be no gravity in the rocket, so astronauts would need to drink out of a bottle instead of a cup. The children loved sharing the information they had learnt at school and learning more about this incredible journey. Finally we made rockets that blasted into the air!

The children loved exploring the current night sky; viewing the seasonal constellations as imagined by the Ancient Greeks and exploring the visible planets.

Outdoor exhibits and the space and planet pavillions.
The children were so inquisitive and really embraced the day. They asked plenty of thought provoking questions and used their research skills and observational skills to answer questions in their booklet or dotted around jodrell bank. A super day packed with learning.

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