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No Mans Land Art Exhibition

Today we visited the ‘No Man’s Land’ art exhibition at the Turnpike. We discussed what no mans land was and how it was also an interesting title as the art work was all about or by women (not men).

The children were shown a range of photographs from the War and discussed how it made them feel and what they could see.

They were also split into groups and they needed to use the information provided and the art work to learn as much as they could about their chosen artist. The children then presented their findings to the rest of the group.

They then looked at some photographs of women in war and imagined what their ‘story’ would be. They told the story and it was great to see what information they had figured out simply by looking at the art work.

The exhibition is free and is in the Turnpike until the new year so there’s plenty time for you to go and visit!

Well done Y5 🌟

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