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Staircase House Trip

What a fantastic day we had learning all about The Great Fire of London!🤩

Throughout the day, we completed lots of different activities to support us in developing our knowledge on The Great Fire of London. We focused on: 

🔥Retelling the story of The Great Fire of London within the 17th century rooms at Staircase House. 
🔥Dressing up and getting involved in role play finding out where, when and why the fire broke out. 
🔥 Exploring what Samuel Pepys wrote about the fire and find out what an eye witness it. 

During the afternoon, we learnt all about the fire marks in London in 1666 and learnt their meaning. We then spent some time creating our own fire marks. It was important that they were colourful so they could be seen. Year 2 did a fabulous job!✨

We also focused on what material the houses were made out of in London in 1666. We learnt that the houses were made from wattle and daub. We used clay to represent the daub. All the children worked hard to weave the wattle and mould the clay (daub) to ensure there were no gaps. They understood that by having no gaps this would stop the wind and raining coming through. Year 2 learnt that the fire spread quickly because the houses were made out of these materials. Everyone did an amazing job!🔥

Year 2 were fantastic all day and the ladies at Staircase House commented on their politeness, behaviour and enthusiasm to learn new facts. Well done Year 2- we are so proud of you!💛

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