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Staying Safe NSPCC visit

Today the children were visited by the NSPCC who delivered a special assembly on staying safe. Our visitor discussed how children can sometimes have worries that can build up over time causing our 'Bag of worries' to overflow.  She explained to children the different types of mistreatment that can happen to children and adults in a child appropriate manner and explained ways that we can 'get rid of those worries' by speaking to trusted adults including parents, family members, teachers, the police and also by ringing the national number for Childline. Our Year Five children then took part in a more in-depth workshop identifying different types of abuse - they had to read a statement and say whether they agree/disagree/unsure with the statement being ok or something they should speak to a trusted person about. The workshop was very informative for our children and provided lots of opportunity to discuss the topic of staying safe.  
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